They are apparently more scared of you than you are of them

How great it is to wake up without a hangover on New Year's Day. Unfortunately this means that my holidays are almost over and work beckons for me tomorrow.
Whilst feeding the ducks today, we noticed there WAS a sign (albeit a small one) which said please don't feed the ducks etc. I think this may be a case of what Billy Connolly refers to as 'beigeism'. Anyway, we fed them anyway. It said that the bread was bad for the ducks. Surely not??

Did two boring, but satisfying jobs today. One was tidying out the cellar and throwing away all the junk which had been living there. The cellar, incidentally, is very small and the ceiling's not very high so you have to stoop and there's cobwebs and stuff dangling down into your hair and it's also a little spider sanctuary too.
After I'd finished enjoying the arachnotherapy, I moved onto my second job, tidying my wardrobe. Another ominous task. I managed to throw away lots of clothes which I simply don't wear. Me and Lisa have really perfected this decluttering malarkey and I think I owe a lot to crap tv programmes for teaching me how.
Mum and Graham popped in for a cup of tea on the way home from birdwatching somewhere. They were apparently on the trail of some rare bird that they'd been tipped off had been seen frequenting somewhere local. Not a nice day for birdwatching, or being outside at all really.
Mum's wondering how to kick-start her pilates business now she is a qualified pilates tutor and Graham's going to be maintaining her website.
We watched Casino Royale tonight. I hadn't seen a Bond film for years after boycotting Pierce Brosnan and his annoyingness. I have to say it was quite good although it's a shame the whole film couldn't have been more like the opening 10 minute chase. Ah well. It was also good to see the Daniel Craig “trunks scene” I'd heard so much about from the ladies in my office. I overheard one of them boasting to a colleague that their husband had the same body as him. I now doubt the accuracy of her statement. It was the wine talking I think. Anyway, just for the record, I don't fancy Daniel Craig. Or any of the James Bond actors. Or any men for that matter.

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