Faculty Away Day Presentation

Went in early and met Frances at the station and we went to the heartspace at city campus and finished off preparing today's presentation, which incidentally had to run twice since the "faculty away day" was in fact only a half day for most staff (who could opt to attend either the morning session or the afternoon one). Us presenters on the other hand to be present twice. It was very boring listening to Andy Eckford's financial yearly powerpoint presentation once through, let alone twice. I sat next to the Pro Vice Chancellor, Rhiannon Billingsley and told her about my impending Dadness.

The "sound bite" presentations had to be 3 minutes long at most, and to try and stop people waffling too much we were all being timed up there and the one who got closest to 3 mins won the bottle of Cava. Elaine Brookes got it :(

We showed off Adam's SLOT tool he'd been making and it caused some degree of excitement. People seemed frustrated that we couldn't show it off very well due to only having a limited amount of time. I think whistles were wetted (whetted?).

Had to put my phone on silent for most of the day (which is contrary to what I've been doing of late due to Lisa's impending birthness)

Went off for a wander around the winter gardens at lunchtime for a break and had a starbucks too.

Frances gave me a second bag of baby clothes that were Rosie's hand-me-downs.

I got home and Mum popped in for a cup of tea with Lisa and wasn't expecting to see me but I'd arrived back early. She's hired a hall for a few weeks in Holymoorside and is about to advertise pilates she'll run in it.

Checked my emails to see if any disasters had happened at work and Carol had emailed us all to say Brett hadn't turned up or contacted her all day. Bad boy. I replied angrily calling for him to be sacked. Not sure if I overreacted but that guy takes the piss and I think we'd personally be better off without him. No doubt FG will be more measured and claim we need him too much.

Not sure I agree

Before bed, I logged on to check my emails (I know, I know, I'm sad) and Brett had sent me the
following message ...

"Hi Luke,

I've cut my hand really bad. I cant come in tomorrow morning because I've got to go back to A & E to get it checked for infection. I shud be able to come in in the afternoon though...


I wonder, was it drunkeness? Cooking? Fighting?

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