There’s poos and wees in the hills

Maisie has been using her potty successfully and we’ve now had our first wee and first poo. Exciting stuff. Lisa came up with a brill idea (not sure if she copied someone else here or not) and that was to buy lots of cheap little toys from charity shops, wrap them up in fancy paper and then encourage Maisie to use the potty with the promise of a present if she produces anything on it.

It was frustrating at first because she was happy to sit on the potty, and she wanted a present but just didn’t know how to do anything.

Well, now she’s weeing quite freely and demanding presents each time. Mum is having to keep the present stocks topped up.

I found that this potty use was such an important milestone. Far more significant than things like a first word or a first birthday. I think the promise of a nappy-free existence (and the financial savings!) is a very desirable and positive thing.

Lois meanwhile is an expert potty user now. I think in view of our experiences, all parents should try and encourage early potty adoption rather than waiting until they are toddlers which seems to be the norm.

At the weekend, there is going to me a party/bbq for relatives to come over and meet baby Abe, many of whom haven’t already had the pleasure. Our brood is invited too.

I want an ipad. I’ve managed to keep telling me myself I don’t up until now but I read an article yesterday about how you can use it to paint (using your fingers!) and it looked really cool. So much more intuitive than a graphics tablet (or a mouse).

I’m sure they are uber expensive and Lisa would have a fit if I waltzed home with one. I shall have to wait.Yeah, wait and save. I’m not very good at saving. I’m not very good at waiting either really. Ho-hum.