Linda Business at The Boardwalk, Sheffield (29/01/05)

Linda Business, invited back for a second appearance @ 'The Boardwalk', Sheffield, took the opportunity to showcase 5 new songs to the masses

Set List...

  1. Evil Little Monster
  2. Pear
  3. How Sweet You Bleed
  4. Bruiseproof
  5. Do Something
  6. Her Fear of Spiders
  7. Linda Business
  8. Bury
  9. The Equation of You
  10. Barbara
  11. Jump in the Boxes

A good turnout ensured that fun was had by all and by the bucketload

The band members entered into brave combat with intermittant mandolins and narcoleptic guitar amps and came out shining like new two-pound coins!

Linda Business were supported by Narcasist, Inequality and Headfunk

Linda Business @ The Boardwalk, Sheffield (14/01/05)

(With "Patchwork Grace", "Pretty Young Things", "Branded a Fool" and "The Agents")

"Last night was another great night..."

After 8 months of writing and rehearsing, Linda Business released their new found sound on a swollen and enthusiastic crowd @ 'The Boardwalk', Sheffield

Pulling in some 100+ fans for the debut performance, Linda Business gave the kids something to shout about!

Linda Business shared the stage with Patchwork Grace, Pretty Young Things, Branded a Fool and The Agents

Set List...
  1. Evil Little Monster
  2. Bruiseproof
  3. How Sweet You Bleed
  4. Pear
  5. Bury
  6. Jump in the Boxes