We recently has some extreme snow. Extreme in the sense that I can’t remember experiencing so much of it nor the length of the prolonged heavy snow showers. Local and national news (for it hogged the headlines for days and affected many parts of the UK but in particular, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Scotland and anywhere on the East Coast) reported that this was the worst snowfall for over 20 years in Derbyshire.

It was fab.

I got to work from home for 4 days in a row. The trains were severely affected and for 2 days there were no trains running through Chesterfield, and unfortunately I rely on the trains to get to and from work.
At its deepest the snow came up to Maisie’s waist. On a couple of days I struggled to find fresh milk in the Chesterfield shops I could get to (and were actually open for business). Also, for a day or two bread got a bit scarce.

It ruined many of the gutterings on our road. The weight of a foot and half of snow weighing down on flimsy gutterings was too much for several roofs (or is it rooves? or is that just for ‘hoofs’ and ‘hooves’? I dunno).
The snow did pose logistical problems though, like how to get 2 children to nursery without the use of a buggy and since the road was difficult for even an adult to get down. Also, the cars on the road were snowed in for days.

On the Saturday morning (the snow had been around since Tuesday) a group of hardy neighbours got out on the road with shovels and picks to loosen and move the ice and snow which was holding our road hostage. We started as a 3 and by then end we had reached the end of the road (3 hours later) we were 10 strong. We managed to carve our one tyre track only though.

Incredulously, one ungrateful and grumpy man who lives about half way down the street passed our merry band of workers on returning from a shopping trip with his (presumably long-suffering and meek) wife. Rather than congratulating us all on spending all that time and effort clearing the road for all residents, started shouting at us sarcastically and angrily saying that we had done a great of blocking everyone’s cars in and how (“the hell”) would people get out.

Unbelievable! And rude! One of the more volatile members of our group started walking towards him with shovel in hand shouting back. I was happy for him to speak on our behalf. The language rapidly went downhill. The peacemaker of the road quickly stepped in and calmed the situation.

8 days and some milder temperatures later, there are still small piles of stubborn, icy slush lingering around, refusing to melt completely.

There is a second wave of snow to come starting tomorrow night according to the weather reports. Surely it can’t be as severe as last time. Or can it? :)

Bloody Students

Long time no blog? Well, fasten your seatbelts folks, for two things have irked me.

The first is less serious and merely in relation to the thoroughly inappropriate clothing some are wearing currently. Whilst the nation lies under a layer of snow and ice the severity of which has not seen by most parts for over twenty years, gormless students continue to wander about the campus in footwear resembling thin slippers. Some of them even seem to think this is the right weather for pulling on a pair of shorts. Honestly. This brainlessness was particularly evident when our building had a fire drill (sorry, that was the toaster in our kitchen’s fault although I wasn’t using it at the time I might add) the other day. Sensible staff congregated outside the building in the designated area (far enough away from the potentially incendiary building) in an orderly fashion wrapped in coats, scarves, hats and gloves, waddling like penguins whilst those wearing bright yellow tabards decided on whether or not it was to return inside. The students on the other hand flocked around, smoking, chatting (shouting) in disrespectfully blue tongues and reminiscing about ‘last night’ in their assorted items of flimsy beachwear. Flip flops? In November?? I felt immensely righteous trotting back in through the main doors as staff were (eventually) recalled to enter the building. Righteous because we were prioritised to return back inside over the students. Felt like saying “excuse me, important staff member coming through”. I shouldn’t really moan. They pay our wages so we’d be stuffed without them, but come on, isn’t it time some of those wardrobes were re-evaluated?

The second thing is seeing these bunches of idiots ‘trashing London’ in what was supposed to be a string of peaceful demonstrations. Student fees were always going to rise and these so-called demonstrations were never going to change a thing (in my mind anyway). The Lib Dems have no backbone. That much is now official. I do wonder if those young individuals pictured on the news shoving things in the faces of police officers really ARE students themselves or just there for the rumble? I pity the officers drafted in to supervise these protests. And whilst I am pretty indifferent about our Royal Family and am amongst those who question their modern relevance (other than bringing in a bit of tourism) I really don’t think they need to be exposed to anarchic mobs as happened to Prince Charles and ‘Camill’ last night. Shameful. How do we ever prevent these VIPs from being assassinated I wonder if they can be driven like lambs to the slaughter straight into a street full of volatile protestors? Wonder never cease.

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant there. Don’t worry. I’m already over it :)