The youth of today

So there I am at Marks and Spencers yesterday buying some bits and bobs for tea. And I sensibly avoid the checkout manned by the over-talkative assistant who is surely Germany's answer to Victor Meldrew, forcing you to engage in small talk as he process your goods, very slowly. Instead I opt for a shorter queue at a fresh-faced boy's checkout. I had not seen him before. He must've been new. To be honest he looked way too small and young to be in full-time employment already.

Anyway, Lisa had given me two string bags as I had rushed out of the door in which to put my purchases. I hadn't really noticed but one was black (originally from M&S no less!) and the other was bright pink. Anyway just as I'm packing my things the young worker boy comes out with a shocking and sarcastic pride-hurter: "Nice manly bag that".

The cheeky, unmanly, pre-pubescent swine :)