Lois Emily Miller

This post is being written retrospectively but concerns the coming into this world of baby number two, now known as "Lois Emily Miller", or "Lo-lo", or occasionally just "Lo".

Lois was about 11 days late and was born at home in our rented house in Westhoughton, Bolton. Lisa's Mum was there also for her arrival and the midwives made it (just in time!) for the occasion also.

Lois was 9lbs 11oz and was supposed to come out in a birthing pool, at least that was the plan and the dry run had gone very smoothly a fortnight before. Maisie also enjoyed getting in a large warm inflatable bath in the living room.

Lois came out fast, so fast in fact that her head was crowning as the midwives (with a frustrating degree of leisure) arrived. They were parking up and chatting to eachother as they slowly removed their bags and equipment from the boot whilst I hovered on the doorstep, biting my lip, glancing through to the living room where Lisa was poised and Lois threatening to flop out. I wanted to shout out across the front garden "Oi! Hurry up! There's a baby coming out" but didn't want to regret it later or be accused being melodramatic. They ambled in and upon realising the situation quickly put on some gloves (offered Lisa gas and air, which she refused) and practically caught Lois as she appeared. Maisie came downstairs later to meet her new sister. She took one look at her then was promptly distracted by the toy duck sitting next to the television. And that was that :)