PJ Harvey @ Rock City, Nottingham (08/09/04)

PJ Harvey was supported by a band called 'Knife and Fork'. Unfortunately we must have missed the first half of the support's set due to general lateness and being badgered by beggars on the way. The second half of their set was heard but not seen due to eternal queueing at the bar.

Pj Harvey came on about 9.15pm and played for about an hour. I was a rock city virgin on the night and was quite excited by the venue, despite it being hideously overcrowded and sweaty. It was also way too dark and people were standing with pints all the way up and down the staircases which joined the floor and the balcony. Where were the bullish security guards telling you 'You can't stand there mate"?

Anyway, we found a spot just after she'd started and all was well. PJ was wearing a tight red PVC dress (with white birds or bats or flying dinosaurs on it). She also was wearing long matching gloves). She'd got a spiky hair cut too which looked pretty cool.

I'm not overly familiar with all her stuff. Suffice was to say she seemed to play a good mix of old songs and new songs.

An overenthusiastic fan somehow got up on the stage inbetween songs near the beginning and pranced about on stage like a lost and flightless bird. She then walked over and was about to 'interact' with Polly when some security guards arrived from out of nowhere and escorted the lady away.

Despite the crampedness and the extreme heat, I have to admit that the venue made for a pretty decent sound. I was more than happy with the quality of sound waves floating over to us at the back downstairs.

She came back on and did about 4 extra songs as encore (after what seemed like an unusally long break - we began to wonder whether she'd decided not to bother returning).

There was a really annoying girl in the middle infront of the stage who decided she would use her boyfriend as a stead and sit up there waving about and making an arse of herself. What made it worse was she was wearing a rucksack just to maximise her obstaclicity (yes, I know I just invented that word, but I really think it should go in the OED). Thankfully she tired eventually but not before dancing about for a good 3 songs

No photos I'm afraid. I did take one with my new camera phone but it was really crap. Maybe in about 5 years camera phone will be able to take half-decent photos. For now I think I'll just use it as if it were a phone :)