Baby bird with a broken wing

lois-leg Lois has managed to break her left leg this week, fracturing her tibia and fibular (or is it tibular and fibia? I dunno). Anyway, she’s in a pot for 4 weeks and we are officially the world’s worst parents for taking our eyes off of her for a millisecond allowing the little roamer to fall off of our bed.

DSC_3144 The consultant said he didn’t know any Loises other than Lois Lane. Always a good sign! I feel sorry for the ‘Callums’ of today for there will be plenty of them to be confused with throughout their school and adult lives.

For now, and through necessity rather than choice, Lois has returned to her crawling method of getting about. The lounge discos will have to wait.

We have been thinking about the pros and cons of having a third child. Yes, that’s right – we’re actually talking about it this time for a change. The thing is, I think you have to talk about number 3. Number 1 is nothing but a blessing and a miracle. Number 2 is a logical next step and whilst not an essential step is not going to ruffle anyone’s feathers. Number 3 however is a whole new ball game. Like the comedy programme, to go to 3 it is to be suddenly outnumbered. However any talk of children not receiving enough love when you to 3 is quickly offset in my mind by the potential joy each will have of having sibling playmates. I am one of three and if anyone were to ask me if I’d rather not have been there’s really only one answer!

Maisie already says she loves Lois sometimes (although she does also on occasion want Lois to go and live with somebody else) and watching them play together is a lovely sight. Actually Maisie also wanted recently to swap our cat Louis for a friends’ dog, Tilly. Poor cat. He’s had a pretty rough 3 years. And actually having a number 3 would probably mean he would have to endure another 3 rough ones.

Lois is trying to say words now. She gets excited when she see Louis and she shouts “ooo-eee” at him, something which makes Maisie laugh.

They also copy each other. Up until now Lois has just watched Maisie with a undying fascination. She now tries to copy her and Maisie repays the favour too.

Today I am leaving my current position in Salford and will on Monday start work back at the University of Sheffield, It’s a strange feeling, coming back to Sheffield. It feels like home and it’s even more significant because I have worked for this institution before albeit 7 years ago. My work-life balance has been a bit derailed with commuting (4 hours+ per day and £348.71 per month!) to Salford on a daily basis over the last 8 months and it feels like it has been a very long, very cold and very dark winter.

We are getting a new garden. Work may start today. We are getting ‘a man’ to dig out and pave over the bottom bit of garden with some stone slabs, making it easier to maintain and giving the kids a nice big flat surface to run around on (and break new bones?).

Lois is still sleeping relatively well even despite the big pink pot she is forced to wear. Maisie on the other hand remains a sleep fighter, a proud leader of the bedtime rebellion group.

Our Sky HD+ box had been a sluggish recently and a man came out to look at it and replaced it with a shiny new one the other day which was nice. And as I’m typing this I’m realising how utterly uninteresting this actually is.

We have been watching Dexter. We are late starters on this fantastic series. It has gotten us completely hooked. We are on series 3 now. Can’t say enough positive things about this series. The whole ‘hero is a serial killer but you are right behind him’ sentiment is an odd one but thoroughly addictive and compelling.

I have decided to re-establish my love affair with my guitar. New strings have been bought and the will is there. All I need now is some time. I might be wrong, but I feel there is musical ability trying to ooze out of that Lois child. She can’t talk or say words yet but she sure likes to sing. She is also interested in the harmonica we have in a way Maisie never was. And when she hears music she recognise she instantly starts to a sort of rowing motion. I’m not sure about Maisie yet. I hope she will be able to bring something to the musical table. Lisa has her doubts. Innocent until proven guilty I say!