Nyah arrives

Last night I dreamed that the house was (once again) under attack from a horde of zombies. The funny thing is, this normally happens after I've watched a film with zombies in it not after watching Fanny Hill. Lisa made me watch it! Anyway, there I was busy stoving in the heads of nasty zombies each trying to find a way into the house when suddenly it was alarm time and I was getting up for a shower. I jumped up and went to turn the alarm off in my sleepy state and there was Lisa already up for some reason. We both went to push the button then stopped like strangers politely stepping out of each other's path in unison. I stopped and then went again. But so did Lisa. At the third attempt I managed to push the off button. I think she'd given up my then.

The snow started just after I'd left the house but it never really amounted to anything all day in Chesterfield or Sheffield

Lisa had a fun-filled day whilst I was busy working. First of all, Ali and Daisy came up and they went off lunching in the park and stuff. Then, apparently my Mum popped around for a cup of tea and to drop of the new baby bath she's bought us. Then, she went off for a walk with Helen Daly and her dogs.

We learned today that Devina had her baby yesterday morning and as I predicting she too has had a little girl. So, that means unless something very surprising happens, 4 out of the 5 NCT babies are going to be girls. Devina and Gareth have called their baby "Nyah" which is nice I think. So, just Lisa and Helen to go. I wonder if, since their due dates are only 2 days apart, they might end up in Calow hospital having them at the same time? Who knows. That would certainly be strange. Devina's baby arrived at 5:42am. Why do they always pop at such ridiculously antisocial times of the day/night.

It was just me and the boys today (Carol was in her room next-door). I always feel drained after a day with them two. It's something to do with only having 20yr olds to converse with all day. Although I feel 20 (or so!) still myself, we seem more than 13 years apart in terms of conversational topics. It's all computer games this and night clubs that and the last thing they want to talk about is an imminent baby.

It is my day off tomorrow. Yippee. This is my first friday off after having re-organised my hours with work to allow me to have a day off each week. In return, I am working 1.5 hours each work night to make up the hours.

Lisa's been having lots of braxton hicks contractions today -they are the small contractions you have which are preparing your body for birth.

Since Lisa and Claire were going out with the ex-Chapel House girls for a Lambarelli's for tea, Noel and I got a takeaway pizza, some wine and watched "V for Vendetta" on HD-DVD. Although it had Natalie Portman in and had had pretty decent reviews it wasn't a very enjoyable film for me. Far too much time was spent watching close-up shots of a character with an annoying voice talk with a guy fawkes mask concealing his face. There was a good end battle scene (the last 5 minutes of the film) which was brilliant but I'm afraid it was a case of too little, too late. 3 stars.

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