Cold Winds Blow

Wednesday, 2nd January

Today was back to work day after a decent spell off over xmas. The boys came in with fresh diseases acquired over the holidays and promptly began to cough and sneeze their way through the day. The students were still off (as were most self-respecting academics).

It was also very dark and cold today. There's a load of cold winds coming over from Russia over the next few days they say and they've (the experts) predicted snow. Hope it snows really severely and they close Chesterfield train station again. It was such a terrible, terrible shame when they closed it during June's mega-floods and I had to turn around and go back home (not before getting a refund for the ticket I'd bought).
I drew an illustration of a fat patient being called in to a consultation room by a thin carer for use in a learning object we're making for use in an obesity project. I'm being paid to do the rest hopefully so that could be nice little bonus.

Met Tom for lunch. The food on offer at the canteen at 'The heart of the Campus' was very limited, probably due to the fact that they weren't expecting much custom. Me and Tom had baked potatoes with tuna mayo on. Yum. Charlotte was out looking at prospective new houses for them to rent come February.

Lisa had a busy day walking around, buying things and tidying up and was proud describe to me how she'd walked across the nursery floor several times using just her bottom. I saw a demonstration when I got home
Dad emailed us to say that Vally is apparently poorly so he's not sure if they'll be up at the weekend. He then went on to say she was a tough old bird so not to write off our engagement quite yet. The snow may also have a say in it I suppose if it does arrive.
Ali rang. She's coming up with Daisy tomorrow to see Lisa

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