Man cannot live on curries alone. Or can he?

Last night I dreamed that I was living in some shared, rented accommodation and one of my house mates said “Oh Luke, you've got some post” and it was a cheque from Sky Sports for £328. I wonder what it all means? Does it mean I'm about to come into some money perhaps? Or maybe I'm just subconsciously mourning the recent loss of our sky sports subscription. Lisa cancelled it along with other so-called “non-essential direct debits” whilst ruthlessly streamlining our outgoings

Lazy bones didn't go for a run (again).

In Tesco a woman in front of us in the dairy products aisle who was in her own little world turned around and put a tub of cream into our trolley. Her husband who was over the other side of the aisle said “No, not there, not there!” but he was too late. She turned around wondering what all the fuss was about and he sunk his ashamed face into his hand. We moved swiftly on.
Pineapples were half price in the supermarket (and they were huge) so we bought two which we have heard/read are good for naturally inducing labour.

For tea Lisa made ANOTHER curry. I'm not complaining. I could happily live on curry for the rest of my days. This one was another one from the ultimate curry bible – this time a Lamb Sag.
I devised a short walk route for myself and Lisa this afternoon which happened to be exactly 2 miles and just happened to take in a quick drink in the Royal Oak on the way back. Magic.

And so another year comes to an end. We watched the Billy Connolly DVD Lisa had bought me for xmas and then Noel and Claire called around and we watched the greatest 80's films which culminated in Back to the Future occupying the number one slot. Good film. Well deserved.
I didn't get too drunk:
  • in case Lisa went into labour
  • due to the fact that I didn't want a hangover on New Year's Day this year
  • due to me planning to go running in the morning and being all smug whilst people looked out through the curtains on their alcohol inspired death-beds and wished they were me instead. Just for the record, it didn't happen. I had a lie in and no running happened whatsoever.

I found myself wondering what life would be like in 15 years' time. This baby would be getting very expensive by then I imagine and I laugh at scenes in Jack Dee's Lead Balloon each week where his daughter asks him for money in new inventive ways and he ends up forking out £50 each time. What kind of job am I going to have in 15 years? Am I even going to have a job? Am I going to be able to sustain effective financial support for the family to be? I just can't picture it. I shall have to make a concerted effort, to, hang on, I feel new year's resolutions coming on!

New Year's Resolutions...

1.Make a start on my picture book “I hate it when you make me late” for this will not simply write itself
2.Cut down on the wine drinking. This may require me to stop ordering nice crates of fancy wine
3.Continue to be frugal with my hard-earned cash (I know that's a bit vague, but I'm afraid it'll have to do)
4.Do more running
5.Not moan about the crappy moving irregular floorboards buried beneath the carpets all over this house

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