2 down, 3 to go

We played with the pram, car seat and baby monitors this morning, taking them apart and familiarising ourselves with the complex but impressive mechanics. We also moved the moses basket (courtesy of Rona and her previous generations) through to sit it by the bed so I could practice getting up in the night and not knocking it over as I stumbled bathroomwards.

We ventured over to Tansley to Christine and Richard Powelly's house. Not only are they morris dancing friends of Mum and Richard Bryant, but also they are parents of Jenn Worthy who is one of the girls from the NCT classes we attended pre-xmas in Chesterfield. In fact, here is a comprehensive list of the 4 couples who came to know eachother...
  • Jenn & Darren (& baby Adam)
  • Gareth & Devina
  • Gareth & Mel (& baby Amelia)
  • Sam & Helen

Jenn and Darren were showcasing their new baby whom they called “Adam”. He was quite happy to just sleep through us 10 chatting away. Gareth and Mel also brought their new addition, "Amelia". Amelia had some nappy action and then became a tearful and cried gently like a sad sheep whilst she was being changed.

Photos were taken of the two little ones being introduced to eachother although for the record they seemed positively disinterested in eachother. So, there are 3 more babies to come over the next fortnight or so. We know that Sam and Helen are having a girl, and so are we, but no-one knows what Gareth and Devina are having. It could just be that 4 of the 5 babies are girls. That would be unusual.

We came home through torrid weather.

Quite alarmingly Tottenham beat Reading 6-4 today. Not alarmingly because they didn't deserve to win, but due to the fact that no fewer than 10 goals went in AND a few weeks ago Reading enduring a similar beating at the hands of Portsmouth (7-4). One emotional Reading fan had posted on a bbc forum something along the lines of “how often can we score 4 goals away from home and still lose? It beggars belief!”

We went for a curry at the Gulab with Claire and Noel in the evening. When we arrived, there was confusion because apparently when I'd rang on friday to book the table they'd assumed we were meaning for friday night. Hence, they hadn't been expecting us. It wasn't a problem though it was very quiet and civilised for once in there... ...until a large table of about 10 noisy blokes piled in on a stag do and forced us lean in to one another and lip-read whilst continuing our discussions.

I woke up in the night and was surprised to find that Louis was NOT on my legs and NOT making me restricted in my sleeping positions and movement. I soon realised this was because he'd decided to experiment with sleeping inside the rather cosy moses basket instead.

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