Queen's Park. The new Central Park?

Indeed, today we visited Queen's Park, which luckily for us is just a couple of minutes down the road and across the roundabout. I think they had some lottery money or something a couple of years ago because the whole park has been redeveloped and tidied up and is now a very nice place to walk around. There's a lake, complete with ducks, pigeons, geese and seagulls. They must've come a long way! Also, there's a cricket green and a pavilion, lots of swings and stuff for kids and most importantly, a beautifully renovated, airy cafe run by local Italian ice creamers, Fredericksons. And this cafe sells alcohol :)

Lisa's trying to walk everyday now in a bid to help the baby get down into position and prepare to join us. We walked to Queen's Park and threw bits of stale bread to a very grateful flock of assorted birds by the side of the lake. The flappy Canadian geese are very boisterous and the poor little ducks have patiences of saints.

Once all bread had been consumed, we walked around and checked out the cafe. There was an obese man taking his family of dogs out for a walk too. He had a rottweiler and 4 or 5 (I forget the exact number) small well behaved dogs. Lisa had a hot chocolate (it was quite a cold day) and I had a pint of Becks, which I shall mention now, they had on tap. I also noticed they did wine so I'll have to check that out at some point in the future too.

We wandered around the sales in town and bought some gifts to give to the new NCT babies we had arranged to visit tomorrow.

We have recently rejoined an online DVD rental service and have recently watched the following films:
  • Shooter
  • Transformers
  • Big Nothing

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