What's in a name?

Monday, 24th December

Yes it was a full moon but more importantly here begins a diary of the first year of mine and Lisa's first child. I'm embarking upon this epic quest with some degree of excitement but also uncertainty and I know not what format this journal will take. Only time will tell
I do however hope to avoid 2 things principally:

  1. to avoid writing things retrospectively Dad-style (e.g. “Bloody 'ell, I'm 8 days behind on mi' diary. Better try and catch up tonight”)
  2. to avoid writing entries quickly and scruffily (normally done whilst catching up writing retrospective entries). My handwriting is chronic at the best of times.
    Luckily, I decided to type up and print out each day's musings so number 2 is already nailed.

So, due to Lisa's due date looming ever closer (15th January) we are both at home over xmas and new year with no plans and are focussing on little 0ther than 'the big day'.
'Experts' at the hospital say we are having a girl and after much deliberation over the best name we have settled on Maisie.

Maisie Miller.


Anyway, here is a list of girls' names we considered but didn't use:

  • Jasmine
  • Amelia
  • Amber
  • Esme
  • Claudia

As for boys' names, we couldn't really come up with any we liked that much for some bizarre reason:

  • Lewis (although this turned out to be like, the current number one boys name in the UK. I blame that Hamilton man)
  • Reuben (not everyone's favourite, it turned out)
  • Toby
  • Logan

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