Words Maisie is struggling with

Here are some words that Maisie still can't say, although she's nearly there with most of them and recognises that she is having difficulty (characterised by her laughter after hearing herself getting them slightly wrong).

It seems to be those troublesome 'mid word letter L's' still
  • Banana (Dinama)
  • Flamingo (not sure how to type how she says this one)
  • Elephant (Effelant)
  • Melon (Mewon)
  • Maisie Miller (Maisie Miya)
  • Lois (sadly she is often still 'Louse')
  • Yoghurt (Low-gurt)
  • Gruffalo (Gruff-a-woah)
  • Smelly (Sme-wee)
  • Pellets (Pe-witts)
That said, when she concentrates and says them slowly she can do it, which normally earns her a round of applause.


On a side note, although Maisie's potty training is still a bit fruitless, she has managed the odd wee in her new frog potty. Lois on the other hand is excelling with daily potty poos facilitated by her growing appreciation for solid foods.

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