Nursery dry runs

Lisa took the 'little ones' over to try out their new nursery for a couple of days. On the first day she stayed there with them for a couple of hours. On the second day she left them alone for a couple of hours. Lisa said she had to try very hard not to cry (at least that's what she told me). I'm secretly glad it wasn't me leaving them. That would have been tough.

Because the girls are 21 months apart, they have been allocated to different age groups (situated on different floors of the nursery) which is a shame really although I understand they need to keep kids of the same ages together.

When they returned yesterday I sat a cheery Maisie on my knee and asked her what she did at nursery. She replied loud and proud "I had a little cry" as if that were the highlight of her day. Momentarily upsetting :(

I think despite this rather bold confession, she got on fine. Hope so, anyway. They are starting for 2 days a week as of next Thursday!

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