The Princess and the Pea (up the nose!)

Panic struck! Well, sort of. It was probably quite laid back panic, as panic goes. But there we were having dinner around the table up at Lisa's parents house in Scotland when Maisie announces that she's got a pea stuck up her nose. We all humoured her and told her she was wrong (when are we going to learn, that SHE is never wrong?).

So after a quick inspection from Gran it was confirmed that Maisie did indeed have a pea lodged up her right nostril. No-one saw her put it there. Lisa remembered that she'd read something on one of her forums about someone having experienced this with their child and had posted the perfect solution.

After a quick nosey on the internet we began the removal process which involved pinning Maisie down on her back and Lisa closing Maisie's left nostril with a finger and blowing as if giving the kiss of life into Maisie's mouth. I thought it would  be dangerous but after a couple of failed half-hearted attempts, BINGO it was third time lucky and the pea flew out (with not a small amount of snot too for she currently has a bit of a cold)

At that point, and not a second before that point, everyone (including Maisie herself) laughed with relief

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