Blue sky thinking

Well, a volcano erupted about 5 days ago in Iceland and plumes of smoke and ash have been drifting through the airspace of northern europe meaning that flights to and from all UK airports (and other northern european countries) have been put on hold, causing "Air Chaos".

It has been strange looking up and not seeing a single vapour trail in the sky, however this has only affected planes which fly up at 30,000 ft and as a consequence there seems to have been more low flying aircraft zooming around making a load of noise.

I went to see an Osteopath on Saturday morning in Bolton. I sat there in the waiting room feeling sceptical, reading literature on things like naturalopathy thinking what am I doing here. However, as it transpired this osteopath woman might be onto something. She thinks she might be able to fix me even! That would surely be the best thing ever. She did some painful deep tissue massaging of my knee for about 30 minutes and suggested I come back next weekend for a bit more torture. Lisa and I had deliberated for some time prior to me going about which pair of pants to wear since she'd need me to de-trouser. I opted not to wear my cool new bright orange pants and instead went for some plain black hipsters. As it happens, the deliberation was all pointless - she just asked me to roll up my trouser leg. She caused me pain in ways my previous physiotherapist could only dream of. However, it was (like Lisa's childbirths) a positive pain which I was more than happy to experience.

Gran was down for the weekend helping us clear out the garage although the whole plan was promptly ruined when both Gran and Lisa (after having opened the garage door) saw a massive spider in the corner hiding in its web. Consequently both stood there with arms folded and hands firmly tucked away under armpits, hovering near the door and looking around for more predators instead of helping tidy. Maisie changed the subject briefly by doing an unusual wee which spilled out of her nappy, ran down her tights, and accumulated in a pool on the front steps. Gran swiftly took her in for a nappy change. Lisa also felt the need to retreat inside and feed Lois. Maisie came back out with a fresh nappy on and promptly did a smelly poo so had to be taken back in again for another change. Suffice is to say, we didn't get much done.

I went out for a bike ride to test my knee out a bit since it was feeling a bit weird but possibly a bit better. 10 minutes later I returned back having circled the estate and all was good.

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