An amendment to roles and responsibilities in the current bedtime policy

Maisie has recently expressed a preference for Mr Men books to be read (multiple times) at bed time.

Mr Bounce is her favourite, although Mr Greedy runs a close second and Mr Bump completes the top three.

Sadly, Mr Tickle has had to settle for fourth place in the Mr Men books pecking order.

Anyway, this has been all very well and good recently until the weekend when she decided that maybe she should be the one doing the reading.

I accidentally read:

'"Ouch" said Mr Bump'

...which was wrong because I was actually reading the book about Mr Bounce. She corrected me and took over book-reading duties. Now, I am not allowed to read. Instead I have to lie there and listen to her read the stories. I was obviously no longer capable of offering a reliable book-reading service.

She gives it her best shot but I suspect she is just remembering words and phrases she has associated with different pictures. Hence, the stories tend to be a bit bitty, and slow, and sometimes actually read either in reverse or by a method of random page selection. Quentin Tarantino would be proud :)

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