We don't like it, do we?

...is one of Maisie's favourite sayings. It tends to apply to noisy things which she is a bit scared of (like the Dyson, low flying aeroplanes or the tiger from the Jungle Book) but can also apply to other things like foods.

She is currently big into jigsaws and seems happy to make them over and over and over again. One of Peppa Pig arrived today but (as warned by Lisa) is not an 'Orchard' jigsaw and is therefore of inferior quality.

Lois has discovered her toes and like grabbing them with her hands. She is also still a very dribbly baby. She saturates bib after bib with moisture in a way that Maisie never did

Nursery Rhymes Maisie likes singing...

See saw marjory daw...
Baa baa black sheep
Happy birthday (sang recently for Lisa's birthday) 

A word about (not) sleeping...

Lois currently wakes at 5am in the morning (getting up with Lisa) and goes to bed about 8pm (with Lisa). Maisie on the other hand wakes up after I've gone to work (8am ish) and as a result isn't normally interested in going to bed until between 9 and 10pm (which means Dad is up that late). Subsequently Lisa and I are like ships that pass in the night (except we pass in the evening instead). During the night Lois wakes for feeds from time to time and Maisie wakes and requests Milk (again, warmed to specifically the correct temperature in the microwave). 

When will the crazy sleep deprivation end? When will glorious family lie-ins commence? When will we be able to stay up and watch a film?  

People who have been through the 'very young kids phase' say it feels like it's never ending at the time although it doesn't last that long in the grand scale of things. Hmmmm...

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