Monkeys in the Forest

Yesterday, we went to 'Monkey Forest' which is near Stoke-on-Trent. It was very cool (and also very freezing!).

Still, the temperatures didn't bother the primates who, we were told by one of the many yellow-clad workers (who roam about making sure monkeys don't gouge punters' eyes out) have come from similar or cooler climates.

There were 140 macaques in total (we didn't count them) and they wander freely around a large area of woodland. They had just been fed before we arrived so most of them were busy tucking into various fruits and things whilst we spectated.

Maisie wanted to give them a cuddle but we advised her against it. Squirrels, pigeons and crows (and strangely, a partridge) seem to co-exist there quite happily.

There was a nice cafe (serving Staffordshire's famous oatcakes amongst other things) and an adventure playground. All pretty good really and only about £6 to get in.

Maisie loved it although on the way to the car when asked about it she admitted that she didn't like it but would happily go there again.

Later that night Maisie did one of her trademark thumping down onto the floor as she rolled too far in her sleep and exited the bed.

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