Preferred menu choices

Maisie is currently keen on the following foods
  • Beetroot
  • "Bread and dip" (bread, or breadsticks dipped in humous)
  • Apple (peeled)
  • Mewon (aka "melon")
  • Muffins crumbled into a bowl (Blueberry are acceptable, but Chocolate is best)
  • "Monkey Ice Cream" (also, know as 'ice-cream')
  • Milk (still a bedtime favourite - warmed up in microwave of course to the specifically perfect temperature)
  • Pizza (in particular mexican ones so she can steal all of the pineapple pieces)
  • Custard (cold and straight out of the pot)
  • Olives
  • Porritz (at weekends)
  • "Egg in a cup"
Lois is currently keen on:
  • Milk

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