Halkidiki, Greece. Day 3

Don’t know what I meant by “whippersnapper”. In fact, what DOES it mean? I was very, very drunk what I wrote yesterday’s entry. After we got back from Phillipa’s Lounge Bar, we popped in to the village pool bar and there was Simon and Kerry. So we stopped for more wines and a free shot of something blue and potent, courtesy of the barman.

We stumbled down the stairs to our room and woke the next morning with raging hangovers. The problem with Greece is you simply cannot avoid being given free shots of random alcohol (and of unknown strengths) wherever you go. Also they are keen for you to knock them back immediately, often with the one who served them which prevents you from executing the “plant drain” (Lisa’s method of discretely pouring the shot into a nearby plant pot).

Feeling like the living dead, I managed to fall asleep again only to be woken by Lisa vomming spectacularly in the bathroom. Such thin walls. About 2pm I finally ended my savage brutal with my hangover. Emerging victoriously, I went into the bathroom and cut myself shaving. There will be NO alcohol today. Definitely not. No.

We stopped off for some fast food on the way to the beach. Lisa managed to flash her pubic area whilst casually trying to adjust her bikini pants. They’re the ones that tie at the sides and are devised to turn innocent girls into dirty strippers whether they like it or not. So, momentarily, the entire beach was treated to a flash of Lisa’s bits.

We found some decent deck chairs and were promptly charged for them by a man from out of nowhere (as is customary). Where do they appear from? It’s like magic.

Incidentally, I am attempting to eat as much fish as possible during these two weeks. Don’t ask me why. I just am.

I’ve already polished off a little book by Philip Pullman about a demon huntsman. Today I’m progressing with Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland is boring or too difficult, or something so I’ve stopped reading it. The afternoon was spent lying on the beach still trying to banish the clingy remnants of the hangover and listening to the two nearby greek sun-worshippers speaking at the speed of light. They do though.

I saw a little lizard thing dart across the ground which was quite exciting.

We visited a fish restaurant in Hanioti for tea. After expressing a general interest in fish, the friendly waiter insisted that we go and look at his fresh fish supplies. He had a cupboard with drawers containing fresh fish packed in ice. I chose a couple of “cod fish” (cod?) and Lisa went for the local bream.

Both were very tasty. It was probably our most extravagant meal so far, weighing in finally at a combined 41 euros. We tipped too earning me a robust handshake upon leaving. There is an encouraging lack of zombies wandering the resort selling cigarette lighters, roses and such like. There are also very few insects which is much appreciated.

Dogs seem to be trendier here than cats which is strange and a shame.

Had a relatively early night in preparation for tomorrow’s BBQ cruise (or “BQQ” cruise as Vanessa wrote). Oh goodie, the opportunity to drink copious amounts of alcohol once again.

We have decided that walking up the hill and crossing the badly-lit main road to the Daphne village accommodation is rather treacherous. The brochure said “torches required for late night returns”. It should’ve read “Headlamps essential for guaranteed survival during late night returns”. I’m just glad I’m not into heels. The road seems to be curiously made of sand.

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