Halkidiki, Greece: Day 1

Flight at civilised time of 3pm. It took 3 hours. Landed at Thessalonika airport, flew over the Austrian/ Italian alps which looked amazing covered in snow. In front of us was an annoying woman with 3 kids and one in the oven (where’s Dad?) demonstrating a confusing mixture of provocation and discipline with her brood. “I’m dying for a fag” she exclaimed loudly at one point, then later “Tucka” and “Cur’iss” were missing from the transfer bus.

It was 24 degrees C when we arrived – pleasantly cool, but worryingly cloudy. De-hydrated on the coach for a while hoping that despite the 2 aft hr transfer, we’d get to our resort in time to have a drink or two before bed.

Some guy (who we would later befriend unbeknown to us) lost his wallet so we all had to wait whilst it was located. A few minutes later he arrived with the missing wallet. It was a guy with his arm in a sling. No swimming in the sea for him!

Whilst we were waiting another dilemma surfaced. It turns out two elderly couples sitting near the front of the coach MIGHT have been given top floor rooms when they requested ground ones. After much faffing (a phone call to the hotel) it turns out their rooms WERE on the ground floor after all.

With only two “no shows” we eventually left.

No we didn’t

We stopped again because the rep had lost her list of people’s room numbers apparently. The rep was called Vanessa who introduced herself with “Well, hopefully that was the end of the wevva”. It had apparently been rainy and cold.

First impression of the accommodation (called Daphne Village) are that it is quite nice. The man showed us around. He was nice but his English was poor. He pointed to the kitchenette area and said “for the lady”. Bless him.

Very thirsty so went straight to the pool-side bar which was run by a friendly man. The pool was lit with underwater lighting which very much appealed to me. Simon and Kerry joined us (they were also from East Midlands Airport) for a few beers and wines. Simon worked for a timeshare company and Kerry was a “deputy manager” at Adams.

The hotel resort seems very nice but awfully quiet. Oh well. We like it like that so I’m not complaining. Looking forward to waking up tomorrow and seeing what the view is like from over the balcony as we seem to be perched up on a hillside somewhat.

We went back to the apartment and I walked straight into the anti-mosquito shield which was embarrassing. Lisa stripped off and paraded around naked in the bathroom before realising it had a window which was perhaps even more embarrassing.

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