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Chatsworth in autumn colours
Lois has started walking. We believe she’s been able to for some time but something prevents her from wanting to. She can manage a few steps and happily stands and plays with toys. She happily goes from squat to stand and then back down again but walking is still a bit of a hassle for her. She’s starting to make a variety of different noises in an attempt to pronounce words too and she’s loud. Boy is she loud. She makes other nearby families move to further away tables in cafes. I’m sure she’ll find the volume switch soon :)

A bug has been doing the rounds in our house which for me highlights how incredibly challenging it is to be a parent when you are unable to care for yourself let alone other minor dependents. I was in bed for 48 hours and vommed and cried (the former I hadn’t done for at 3 years, the latter for maybe 8?). On one occasion when I couldn’t quite reach the toilet I managed to generously line the bottom of the bath (it’s quite a big bath) with partially-digested golden porridge. At least I think that’s what it was. Not sure what else it could have been. Also there was the diarroea. Man, was there a lot of that!

Anyway, I got over it and now Lisa has come down with it. Isn’t that just the way.
Since last blogging, Maisie has now become a regular and happy user of her potty (and sometimes the toilet!). We no longer need to reward its use either, she just goes and does it. The gifts may have ceased but the proud smiles all around are still very much part of the process. So she now wears pants instead of nappies (except for during the night).

The ‘Kinect’ (wireless, controller-less input device based on sensors which triangulate your body’s position etc.) is due to be released on the 10th November, I suddenly decided yesterday that I needed one on the release day and that I hadn’t bothered pre-ordering one and that maybe I should look into doing so. Everywhere was sold out except Argos so I quickly ordered one. I’m not 100% confident that it will arrive on the 10th although they seemed to be saying it would. After ordering I logged in to ‘track my order’ and they are now saying it will ship tomorrow. Hmmm. I very much doubt it. I suspect Maisie like it because she currently likes the idea of xbox games (and loved watching me play ‘Where the WIld Things Are’) however she just can’t cope with using the controller. Also, the Kinect has a launch title called ‘Kinectimals’ which is a bit like a glorified virtual pets game by the looks of things but the beauty of it is she can stroke and snuggle a baby tiger (other species are available) with getting horribly mauled in the process.

Someone shot a emperor stag yesterday in cornwall in the news and now there’s a massive hoo-har cos it was 9ft and about to start mating and passing on its rather desirable genes. Not sure why we think that shooting anything is a good idea in the first place really anyway.

On friday it is ‘fancy dress day’ at Lois and Maisie’s nursery what with halloween being close and all. We asked Maisie what she would like to dress up as for that day and she said ‘a cat’. Not just any old cat though, she wants to dress up as Louis. Also she has decided that Lois can should be a ‘wicked witch’.Seems a bit unfair, no? Anyway, she then changed her mind and decided she wanted to be the witch from ‘Room on the Broom’ so Lisa bought her a rather cool witch outfit but I think she has since reverted back to the cat idea again. Choices, choices.

The house is beginning to fall apart due to the enhanced wear and tear which comes with two small children and also because due to said small children, we don’t have time or money to remedy the erosions. The carpets and sofas and looking increasingly tired.

The sleep however is on the whole vastly improved on this time last year for example. Maisie is going to bed more readily. Her bedtime involves me reading her some stories before Mum brings her some milk up and sits with her until she falls asleep (whilst reading her new Kindle e-book reader). She also tends to sleep better and often without waking. Lois is pretty good too. She is placed in her cot and she normally falls straight to sleep. Some recent teething issues and illness (we think) have caused her to wake up more often lately but all in all it’s a big improvement on our last system, the system I will now refer to as 'the ridiculous-and-hopeless-hello-are-we-parents-or-zombies-you-decide method’.

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