Pooh in bed, poo on bed

It happened again. And once again it was an unexpected and unpleasant experience. I was putting Maisie to bed last night and she was waving per large Winnie the Pooh hardback story book about. As we clambered up onto her bottom bunk, I noticed something on the book and I picked it up and instantly recognised it as a chunk of dry poo. Before I had time to work out where it had came from I had almost placed my other hand on the remaining cluster of large pellets laying in a little nest on her duvet. After clearing up the mess and convincing Maisie it was ‘just a poo’ (who, it turned out, was possibly the least traumatised of all of us) I got in the bed with Maisie and her book. “I want the one with Pooh in it” she demanded, somewhat ironically I thought.

Since Barney has been deprived of one of his back legs, we reckon he wouldn’t be able to have got up onto the bed and left the surprise. So, it must have been Louis. On the positive side, at least time around it wasn’t a squidgy one :)

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